Austin Burk - Hosting, backend implementation, benefactor, data wrangler, director

James - Web design, frontend, format conversion daemons

Meemo - FAQ copywriter, KWZ audio tricks

Rob - Management, cheerleader

Meggo - Sudomemo theme and additional graphic design

Mayro - Sudomemo trophy, ticket, and additional theme design

Joel - Writing

Eva Lauren Kelly - Help with format conversion daemons

Simon Aarons - Additional reverse engineering

KWZ Format Reverse Engineering

These people contributed to the wider investigation into the animation format used by Flipnote Studio 3D, and by extension the DSi Library.

James - General reverse engineering

MrNbaYoh, Shutterbug - Early reverse engineering

Kinnay - Frame decompression

Khang - Audio assistance

Simon Aarons - Audio interpolation and mixing

Meemo, Austin Burk, Daniel Burk - DSi Library audio research and fixes


A JavaScript library that enables Flipnote animation playback within a web browser

Developed by James, with contributions from Eva Lauren Kelly and Austin Burk

Thanks to Libretro for their sharp-bilinear pixel art shader

Notable Flipnote Projects

The Flipnote scene is small yet dedicated, and has made some pretty cool things:

  • Flipnote Player - A web-based Flipnote player for viewing Flipnote Studio and Flipnote Studio 3D animations directly from your console's SD card
  • Kaeru Gallery - An online community for sharing animations from Flipnote Studio 3D, available worldwide on 3DS
  • Flipnote Collective - A group of Flipnote fans working on reverse-engineering and documenting the inner workings of both Flipnote Studio apps
  • Playnote Studio - A Flipnote animation player for the Panic Playdate console